Meet the Team

Brittnay Acosta

Foundation Support of CA

Title: Office Manager

Brittnay Acosta from Foundation Support of CA

Now a resident of Tracy, CA, Brittnay was born and raised just over the hill in Livermore, CA. Her attention to detail and mastery of moving parts has made her an invaluable asset to the company. Her many years working for In-N-Out Burger taught her how to keep a cool head in any situation and this is evident in her daily interactions not only with customers but also with every person in the office. Her tenacity and desire to serve our customers drives her as she handles all of her tasks with ease and keeps a calm demeanor no matter what situation is thrown her way. Her favorite quote is, "Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game" - Babe Ruth and she shows this as she tackles every task and drives us to a stronger future. She finds joy in the people that she works with as well as helping our customers find happiness in their homes.

As the Office Manager, Brittnay plays a critical role in ensuring the daily operation of the company runs as smoothly as possible. She is dedicated not only to the customers but also to each member of her team. Brittnay shines in her role and has the respect of all she comes across. She handles pressure in a way that is truly admirable and is working to find that perfect balance for the office. She is a valuable asset to the Foundation Repair of CA family and we are all grateful for her hard work.

Brittnay is devoted to her family which includes her husband, son, and cat. Her son, Hunter, is her world and the best part of her day. She is an avid Disney fan and a certified pastry chef with an AA in Social Sciences. She would love to travel to Africa to on a safari to see the animals in their natural habitat. In her spare time, she loves shopping, watching Disney movies, baking, and being a mom. Her love of animals is apparent in her dream job: a professional animal cuddler.