Meet the Team

Mark Phelps

Foundation Support of CA

Title: Owner/Operations Manager

Mark Phelps from Foundation Support of CA

Hometown: Sunnyvale, CA

Resides in: Pleasanton, CA

Family: Married to wife Jeanine, two adult sons, two brothers

Interests: Hiking, the San Francisco Giants, and learning new things

Mark is a devoted small business owner and manager of all employees, highly respected from his peers and excels in leadership skills. He has expertise in developing action-oriented business plans and targeted marketing strategies. Mark, over his career, has proven his ability to identify gaps in current business structures and develop and execute strategic recommendations that lead to market growth. Prior to launching Foundation Repair of CA with his brother, Mat, Mark was the Vice President of World Pac for 10 years and owned his own construction company. When the opportunity arose to go into the foundation repair business in the previously untapped Northern California market, Mark decided it was time for a change and from there built Foundation Repair of CA. When he is not in the office, Mark loves to go hiking with his wife and support their favorite team, the San Francisco Giants. Mark, as a champion of personal growth, spends his free time reading in an effort to learn new things.