Meet the Team

Stephanie Kaona

Foundation Support of CA

Title: Appointment Center Lead / Service Coordinator / Marketing Assistant

Stephanie Kaona from Foundation Support of CA

As a Tracy resident who grew up in San Lorenzo, Steph's impressive background in customer care is a vital asset to the team. She has a genuine love for customer service and believes in doing all she can to find the best outcomes for each situation. A twin and the oldest of five kids, she is no stranger to finding the right balance to make multiple departments work cohesively together. Her favorite quotes are, "No Rain, No Rainbows" and, "It can't rain all the time", which are both examples of her ability to push through the hard times and get to the sunshine. She is an empath who has shown her dedication and loyalty to Foundation Repair of CA and the vision we hold.

Although she wears multiple titles as the Appointment Center Lead, Service Coordinator, and Marketing Assistant, Steph doesn't let the workload wear her down. She began in the Appointment Center and has worked diligently to put the current policies and procedures in place. Now that it runs like a well-oiled machine, her project is the Service Department and helping mold it to a brighter future. When she isn't making appointments, she is the mind behind the words of the company and enjoys creating blogs and content to showcase what everyone here can accomplish as one team.

Even though she is a self-proclaimed workaholic, Steph is close to all of her family including her parents, twin sister, three younger sisters, two brothers in law, a niece and a nephew. She loves being an identical twin and an auntie and finds joy in each moment that she gets to spend with her niece and nephew. She is an avid reader and loves to immerse herself in a good book but singing is where you will truly hear her happiness. She is also a writer of poetry and has also begun a few novels that she hopes to one day finish. Writing is her passion and singing is her soul. She believes herself blessed with the close friends, family, and boyfriend that she keeps around her and loves to cook and bake for them while spending time making memories she can cherish. If she could travel anywhere in the world, it would be Italy for the beautiful scenery and delicious food and her dream job would be an office manager of a small company.