Meet the Team

Krysia Doyle

Foundation Support of CA

Title: Receptionist

Krysia Doyle from Foundation Support of CA

Hometown: San Ramon, CA

Resides in: San Ramon, CA

Family: Recently married, two daughters, two cats, an older brother, and a younger sister

Interests: Watching movies

Krysia has extensive customer service experience and expertise including phone, organization, and computer skills. On a daily basis at Foundation Repair of CA, Krysia handles a heavy volume of answering and transferring calls, scanning documents, sending out pre-appointment packets to customers, and ordering office supplies. Krysia enjoys accomplishing her work responsibilities, striving for success each day with each new task. Most of all, what makes Krysia excited to come into the office, are the people she works with at FRofCA. In her spare time, Krysia is an avid movie watcher.