Meet the Team

Gary Tyler

Foundation Support of CA

Title: Commercial Projects Manager

Gary Tyler from Foundation Support of CA

Hometown: Oroville, CA

Resides in: Oroville, CA

Family: One daughter, one son, four grandkids, two amazing parents, three brothers, one sister, eighteen nieces and nephews, and a German Shepard/ Bullmastiff puppy named Brutus

Interests: Boating, riding his Harley and spending time with family

Gary brings with him over twenty years of experience in the construction industry to our Sales Team. In the last ten years, he has specialized in estimating commercial projects as well as commercial project management. Gary is both a Certified Foundation and Waterproofing Specialist.  In addition, Gary has extensive training in helical piers, push piers, polyurethane injection and waterproofing. On a day to day basis Gary handles commercial project management; commercial project estimation; establishing and maintaining business relationships with commercial contractors, engineering firms and new and existing clients. Gary is proud to support products and services that he genuinely believes in and stands behind. His favorite aspects of his role are being able to think outside of the box, contribute to breakthrough designs and the solid relationships that he built with his colleagues. When he is not at FRofCA, Gary enjoys spending the majority of his free time outdoors whether that be boating with his family or riding his Harley. Gary takes to heart the words of Joseph Addison, “if you wish to succeed in life, make perseverance your bosom friend, experience your wise counselor, caution your elder brother and hope your guardian genius.”